Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

People's Choice Voting form

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Check out this new form I just made with Wufoo!

People's Choice entry form PART 1

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check out this new form I just made with Wufoo!


prototype online form

 Found a service like SurveyMonkey that will help us alot i think
Please fill this out and see what you think - do all the ways I have included work?
If not - any ideas how to trouble shoot?

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alternative sites to post videos on for contest

After taking to Norah today, I check and in order to comment on videos, people have to be a member of massmouth's ning site. This would be very limiting, as many people won't want to be a member if they are not a storyteller.

We talked about youtube, but it is so big, that things, like vidoes for our contest could get lost.

So, I found this site that list 31 alternatives to youtube, and while I haven't check into them all, so look like just what we are looking for. Check them out and I will to and we can decide on which to use to host the contest.

Oh, also, we should probably have some kind of contract with the Orchard(s) say that we are donating most of our time and what it would really cost if we were payed with money vs. goodies - this not only makes us look professional but is good for applying for grants and stuff to show that we have had contracted gigs and have donated our time. Also, when everything is over and they love us, as the will, we should get letters of appreciations/recommendations from the Orchards for the same reason.


Monday, April 16, 2007

info from Stu

MP4 are definitely Mac files and windows media player won't handle them on its own. MP3 will definitely work better. If people want older versions of iTunes, they can check out
and find versions of iTunes (AND other software) for their older computers and older computer systems.

In the end I do think MP3 would be more accessible. You should be able to change how the podcast is encoded, from ACC (MP4) to MP3.

Hope this [below] helps the PC owners while we update files.

WinAMP AAC/MP4 input plugin

Finally found an → input plugin ← for WinAMP that plays AAC files (.m4a) encoded by iTunes ( local mirror).
As far as I know, this plugin doesn't play protected files from the iTunes Music Store - for that you'll need the M4P input plugin. 03-11-24: This version seems to allow tag editing without corrupting the files.Clarification: The input plugin linked from this page is compiled by John Edwards, from the source code produced by Menno Bakker. There is another compile from the same source by Case here.The plugin is also found as an executable at
and RareWares. For more information and sources, see the SourceForge project page.

StoryPod - Casting out the glitches... too fancy, too quickly

We are still in the development and learning phase
of podcasts. We found that some people cannot open the
prototype podcasts listed to the right
Well, it is because I got too fancy!
Because there are photos with the sound included INSIDE
the podcast and one needs a very up to date computer to
open the file.
With this new info
we will redo these podcasts and repost ASAP.

So here is more info than many would like
but just what I needed to know...taken from:


By Christopher Breen
Export AIFF podcasts in GarageBand

I create my podcasts in GarageBand and I generally like the program. One thing bugs me though. GarageBand will only export my podcasts as compressed audio files. I’d like to export my podcasts as uncompressed AIFF files so I can use other utilities that don’t work with MPEG-4 files to process them.

It is annoying that GarageBand doesn’t offer an obvious option for exporting podcast projects as AIFF files. But the key word here is obvious. It can be done, but Apple doesn’t make it clear how.

After you’ve assembled all the audio bits of your podcast—but not added any “podcasty” stuff such as graphics and chapter markers—select the Podcast track at the top of the GarageBand window and press Command-Delete to remove it. When you do so, GarageBand will treat the project like a song rather than a podcast. This is important because when GarageBand sends a podcast to iTunes, it does so as a .m4v file. When it sends a song to iTunes, it sends it as an AIFF file.

Why not just create a song project in the first place if you’re going to export your podcast as an AIFF file? Choosing a podcast project from the get-go provides you with that nice little podcast template—one that includes vocal tracks with the right effects already applied as well as the Jingles and Radio Sounds tracks that many podcasters find useful....>>